Accademia di arti musicali a Castelbuono


Nata nel 2014 con la volontà di investire sul tessuto culturale delle Madonie, in termini di didattica musicale, l’Accademia Primo Spazio opera a Castelbuono, in piazza Francesco Minà Palumbo, con decine di corsi diversi e centinaia di allievi all’attivo.

" La musica è una rivelazione, più alta di qualsiasi saggezza e di qualsiasi filosofia"

L. van Beethoven

Giuseppe Aiosi


He is responsible for all the operations inside the Wine Aroma vineyard, from cultivating processes all year round, to reaping in the fall

Emanuele Antista


Passionate about wine and cultivating, Cindy manages the estate like no other. She makes sure that all the work necessary is made

Sarah Clinton

Winery Manager

She oversees the cellar and the tasting tours. Everyone that crosses our doors can enjoy a wonderful experience guided by Sarah

The magical place

Vineyard Estate

Where the foothills rise up from the valley floor on the valley sits the Wine Aroma winery. With a history of over a hundred years, this place has a magical feeling that you can taste in every glass. Family-owned, ecologically farmed, and passionately tended by a team proud to be stewards of this remarkable property, each wine we make is produced and bottled here on the estate.